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  1. Are you using spacers for the w211?
  2. Hi all, Just took over a 08 W211 E200k Wondering if anyone here has recommendation to get steering wheel and seats re wrapped? Thanks!
  3. Can I tap on this topic to ask something? My rear aircon vent broke, where can i get a replacement?
  4. I still like my car for now. Haha. If I'm taking over his car, there are a few things lined up already. Haha. First the roof will turn black, it'll be lowered with AMG exhaust. Grille will be changed with the logo gone. Rims will also be upsized. Haha, already envisioned how it'll look like.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Getting the SL grille means I should change to the AMG badge also. Otherwise it'll look awkward. I also plan to spray the roof black when I take over the car. But for now, just wish to get the original grille for dad. Lol
  6. Hi, I am looking for a stock W211 front grille. If you have a spare, please contact me. Thank you!
  7. Hi all the E owners I am pretty new to this forum. My dad's car front grille was hit with two pretty big stone chips. I've scoured the forum but it doesn't seem that anyone is selling. Does anyone have a stock front grille lying around at home and wish to sell it off?