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  1. I believe the 2016-2017 W205, C200 and C250 are on 2L engine.So it's like C250 is on a tuned up ECU but operating hardware are all the same?
  2. I guess you can open up and check your glove box. If there's no slot for you to insert the GPS SD card; means GPS function is not supported.
  3. Actually what racechip does to the car? I always wonder if they are simply just new electronic refinement to the ECU causing the car burn fuel more efficiently, boosting fuel pressure etc, why don't Mercedes Benz optimize all these at the very first place? Would our existing hardware be able to withstand the higher fuel pressure etc with leaks?
  4. I went down for my 45,000km servicing today, and probably my last servicing before the warranty is over. I was surprised when they told me that they do engine flush and engine addictive for every engine oil change. Was also informed that my transmission train software is not uploaded which they will update into the car; was quite surprised to know this as well.
  5. Nice ride, Lincon.... I always love those multi-spokes rims!
  6. I don't know if I am the only 01 who got this problem, but seems like nobody discussed about this. I am getting random beeping from the car while driving, usually 02 beeps....and I don't know where they come from and I am not referring to the beeping from uneven or bumpy road. Sounds like 01 long beep from left side of the cabin, followed by another shorter one from the right. I searched on the internet and some forums said it's collision alert, but sometimes when the random 02 beeping happens, I am the only car on the road and I don't know what collision alert is that supposed to be. And the beeping happens, I take a quick glance at my display unit, nothing was reflected. Anyone experience this? Care to advise?
  7. I guess it also depends your selection of drive mode. E and S+ makes a huge diff on the FC and the joy of drive. To me, I am about 90% urban driving.... So i really don't feel any diff between 95 or 98
  8. I got mine from Britz Sunshade. 7 pieces for $130, located at 60 Jalan Lam Huat, #03-14/15 Carros Centre, S737869 As the direct contact for the shade to the window frame is not metal, they will use 3M double-sided tape to secure 02 metal tabs, still looks pretty neat to me.
  9. Sadden by the demise.... Rest in peace, Dr J Tang...
  10. If you do a search on Varta battery finder, they will recommend both 70 and 80 Ah. Was quoted $320 net with installation.
  11. The auto start-stop for my ride has stopped functioning, is that due to the main and/or aux battery? But are these batteries covered under factory warranty too? I am also going for my last servicing soon before the 3 yr mark.
  12. Hi, I would say it depends on the condition and genuine mileage of the ride. Whether it's maintained and serviced regularly and what are the parts there were replaced etc. I would go for a 1.8L if budget allows, but not forgetting a COE car will have it's road tax increased gradually until 150% by the 5th year. As my personal preference I will definitely go for a 7G-tronic gear box without any engine modifications or tuning done. Good luck with your car hunt!
  13. Hi....

    How much for the Original AMG Sport Pedals for W205 with installation?

    1. Sonic Racing

      Sonic Racing

      Sorry miss out your inquiry, SMS 8668 9119 for pricing



  14. Actually since you said you just got it from used car dealer; For me, I would go back to my dealer to get this checked. Or could this be a non-keyless entry model, but went for aftermarket alteration? Sorry I can't help further as I never had such issue......wish you luck.