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  1. The auto start-stop for my ride has stopped functioning, is that due to the main and/or aux battery? But are these batteries covered under factory warranty too? I am also going for my last servicing soon before the 3 yr mark.
  2. Hi, I would say it depends on the condition and genuine mileage of the ride. Whether it's maintained and serviced regularly and what are the parts there were replaced etc. I would go for a 1.8L if budget allows, but not forgetting a COE car will have it's road tax increased gradually until 150% by the 5th year. As my personal preference I will definitely go for a 7G-tronic gear box without any engine modifications or tuning done. Good luck with your car hunt!
  3. Hi....

    How much for the Original AMG Sport Pedals for W205 with installation?

    1. Sonic Racing

      Sonic Racing

      Sorry miss out your inquiry, SMS 8668 9119 for pricing



  4. Actually since you said you just got it from used car dealer; For me, I would go back to my dealer to get this checked. Or could this be a non-keyless entry model, but went for aftermarket alteration? Sorry I can't help further as I never had such issue......wish you luck.
  5. Thanks, I was searching and searching via wifi, but couldn't connect to anything. I'd try the WDVR app. Thanks, Jonay.
  6. Nice bro!
  7. Hi, Anyone can advise how can I connect to my In-car camera (Installed by C&C)? Agent told me via bluetooth, but I couldn't connect it. Thanks.
  8. Oh means the gear will still be shifted on the move. I saw from YouTube that cruising on Neutral gear for Auto cars is quite harmful to the gearbox....
  9. Hi, Just curious will anything happen if we mistake our gear stick as signal indicator during drive, will anything happens? Reason why, my GF drives a Jap car, and she is so used to signalling with the indicator stick on the right. And she is so worried to drive my car now.
  10. Not sure if this has been shared, but it seems rather interesting. How many of you tried these with your remote controller?
  11. Thanks Bro...Sorry if I have mislead you, my ride also a W205, not CLK200
  12. What if i pressed the Navi button and it says nothing..... how can I get the navigation function working?
  13. 1591cc... This ride must be crawling....
  14. Keen to know too. The piano finishing is not going to last with my dog as my regular vehicle commander....