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  1. !!! When you make deposit to him.....tell him your PayNow can only pay to your own bank account
  2. d. Hang an ipad like what someone did in e. Pay premium to Dr Max
  3. Mine has only 1 USB's a 2016 model.
  4. So $400 is only to install? Do you need to BYO harness and kit? (anyway, thanks for your message)
  5. Would you be able to get all these from goldenlink auto? Next is which installer is able to install them for you? I am keen too.
  6. Sweeet... camping here for more variety of rims to come.
  7. I thought I saw them here with lotsa posionous stuffs. Am keen in one of their rims; but realized they don't post here anymore..... Any particular reason that they are no more with SGMERC?
  8. Thanks! I will try that. I didn't know the top cover cannot be open fully; still thought of vacuuming the box clean.
  9. Hi, I was trying to replace my intake air filter for my W205. After removing that 02 visible torx screws, its seems like I can only pry open the airbox a little, but still unable to open it fully to replace the air filter. Is there any other screws or clips which I need to remove? Thanks....
  10. Is the eee eee sound supposed to be an issue too? Mine is ooorrr oorrrr sound brake sound
  11. Think these are replica. Genuine AMG rims have clear and defined model, offset and country of original printed inside. I come across a 19" AMG rim, also made in Turkiye, model no. is not complete and the benz star logo is not defined at all.
  12. I had same issue on my driver side, I tried with WD40, and it doesn't work so went C&C and they sprayed some lub and sound gone. Don't know how long it will last; but I will get the Sonax lubber protectant to try if the sound comes back.
  13. Hi, Mind sharing with me if you know how much is it for the wood console (with installation) from benzline. Thanks.