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  1. Anyone else? I was hoping to get it before Xmas... Do let me know your interest and I will probably close this on 20 Dec.
  2. Hi! and welcome! Ricky will probably prompt you soon on the telegram chatgroup....
  3. Price lah, bro. Only the rich buy things without having to know the price. Anyway, Do try to verify that the mileage is genuine and not tweeted (10 Years car with 120,000km is pretty decent) For a 2019 renewed COE, I would say the price should range about $58 to $63k range, depreciating at about $6K/year. Other than all these, it's condition of the car and if all parts are still in good working condition. And google on the car dealer and check if they are on case trusted and not blacklisted. Ask for test drive and check for warranty coverage period etc; because any repair or replacement later is just equivalent to purchasing the the car at a cost higher. Just standby a few Ks to have some parts replacements. That's the pros and cons of getting a 10 yr old car; you are subjected to much lower depreciation but you are subjected to all the unknown wear and tear of the car. Hope more gurus here can advise you further. Good Luck, Zappee....
  4. Congrats on your new ride. I know the feeling is sweet.. Anyway, you can try to do searches on Carousell, I am quite sure you can find the most interesting gadgets and modifications there. If you car is warrantied by the dealer, suggest you send it to a reputable workshop to do a full check to ensure everything is still desirable. All the best!
  5. Hi Jiajoong, I guess it depends on where is more convenient for you. I stay in the east and will go for Chip Soon when my warranty with C&C is over. If i remember correctly, the owner of Chip Soon is also driving a CLA. Do run a search, I believe Bro Kepiting has composed a thread with all the recommended workshops in all parts of Singapore.
  6. Thanks Dagger. Maybe I should rephrase on my first post. It's going at SGD150. And if can get 5 or more pieces, I can get it in at S$140. Do express your interest. 1) Babolat - 1 piece 2) 3) 4) 5)
  7. Hi All, Conducting an interest check on this in-car wireless charger. Have checked on MBworld and ebay, and they are selling like Euro150 and USD200 respectively. Am able to speak to the supplier to bring it in at S$150 and I am trying to negotiate for even lower price if I can secure more units. If keen, please PM me or leave your nick here. Only Suitable for W205/C205/S205 and GLC only.
  8. Do you need to install additional battery to support off parking recording? Am also planning to upgrading my stock dash cam; saw xiaomi wifi dash cam at only $56! tempting...
  9. Thanks for sharing, but my dash cam is most entry level model provided by C&C. No setting and no review, just 02 little black tubes for front and rear. Maybe I will change to a better one as it's starting to beep again (Which C&C said it means SD card full)
  10. Is the Ohio-built Civic type R in USA different from ours? Used to be driving a FD2(R), it's really a driver's car........ So, be filial and stick to the type R and let your mom have the Benz
  11. yes.... you are correct, I checked with C&C and got them to rectify the fault. One beep from dash cam and the other one from the SD card reader, one after another.
  12. Hi, I saw someone offering cleaning the throttle body and MAF sensor for quite a reasonable price. Recently, I also realized some erratic RPM during idling (usually abut 750rpm, but sometimes it dropped to 600rpm at traffic light and the vibration from engine bay can be felt) So any implication to do TB cleaning? IS ours a E Throttle Body?
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