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  1. Not sure if this has been shared, but it seems rather interesting. How many of you tried these with your remote controller?
  2. Thanks Bro...Sorry if I have mislead you, my ride also a W205, not CLK200
  3. What if i pressed the Navi button and it says nothing..... how can I get the navigation function working?
  4. 1591cc... This ride must be crawling....
  5. Keen to know too. The piano finishing is not going to last with my dog as my regular vehicle commander....
  6. You have to know which workshop the previous owner went to, then you can ask them to check for your service record. If its C&C, it's easier; they only reveal info to the owner of the car
  7. Got mine at goldenlink today. Bosch, $48....
  8. ha...plasti dip the entire car!
  9. I know.....Do I have to go that precise Which Esso Station are you located?
  10. Hi, Which station are you located? I am newbie here.
  11. They will pick you and send you to anywhere in heartland Singapore. Of coz unless you tell them you wanna go back Lim Chu Kang past midnight.....then they might not serve.
  12. Jeff/Ken : 8347 0262 Damage : $38/ for 1 drop off. Just SMS to this no. at least 1 hour before you wanna leave. They will correspond with you on where to wait for you. Used them many times. NO mid-nigh charge or whatsoever.
  13. considering between Dr Hannson and Monster tune. Which would you guys recommend? The tuning includes before and after dyno run?
  14. Stock to BE
  15. Dangerous to be too close to such drivers.... Normally they cause others to get into an accident without even knowing it......