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  1. Forgot to mention, it's for post facelift
  2. Clearing these from my store room 1. caliper rotor etc, out of my car becos changed to BBK. 2. Head lamps text me at 9630-seven-five-seven-four
  3. GLC

    Why must PM har?
  4. Anyone know where's the latest "best" place for inspection....i have 50% tinted windows/windscreen & aftermarket headlights from sonic...can pm me too if its inconvenient to post... cheers!
  5. I know how to....we exchange car.
  6. Whole set means the metal piece with rubber? Thot piaa is full piece only, not rubber refill
  7. Wow so sexy...
  8. Why not? I have mine installed 2 years ago...
  9. Lowest speed logged: 1km/h Car: Mercedes C180 CGI Ballspower: 2 Passengers: 1 (the other on floor) Wheels: Chiong rims Mojo Level: Overspill Fan:On
  10. Standard warranty is 3yrs or 100k But for engine mount it's 3yrs or 60k Hope I'm right... My mileage is 36k and 2 yrs...will be asking them to check mine during my 45k servicing...vibration during idle...pretty obvious. I'm interested to know the down time too...
  11. Too much chit chatting in car...