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  1. What is the relationship btwn debadge vs PI car? 😂😂 ... PI have no ILS, car plate frame will be able to identify vs AD no pana roof with ILS & car plate distinguishly labelled C&C ... thou some PI have what AD have & vice versa ...
  2. Ya wana thot of gg TB to buy the CF mirror cover and was told LHD & RHD got diff 1 the size... 😱😱😱
  3. Chio leh .... Damn Swee ... Bro can take a night picture? Wana see how bright it is.... Can't wait for my ride to arrive Loh ... itchin to mod Liao!!
  4. Wah so serious? Mine just stuck down there unless I choose to tune it back.
  5. Mine like a couple of years Liao ... get used to it to be slower Liao... haha ...
  6. Mine current w204 is behind by 3 mins ... I din bother to tune back... 😂
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