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  1. Congrats! Cat converter have a lifespan, about 150,000km. So if your mileage passed this mark then maybe a good idea to change it. AMG Rim and Stock rim should be the same durability; all depend how you drive/track yours. Rim failure is not common.
  2. They will note down in their service record. If there's any suspension or related claim they will have a case.
  3. Compressor pulley, belts and tensioner
  4. Best chance go to scrapyard to source for the black interior part and get workshop to swap out
  5. Came across this https://sg.carousell.com/p/mercedes-c180-rear-amg-bumper-kit-with-exhaust-tips-170191321/
  6. Looking for the above. Do PM me if you have one to let go. Thanks
  7. Is yours a AMG bumper? If so can just change the rear diffuser.
  8. Currently using Edge which i find it better than Mobile One. Tried Motul V300 before too. Simply love it as the rev is so responsive.
  9. DRL can be off in the Instrument Control Panel
  10. Parking Light is a safety features for those who parallel parked their car in a dim light environment. Not too useful in Singapore. Turn the Light Switch to Auto and the parking light will be off.
  11. Sold
  12. Tell them what you facing and if they hoist car up to check should be able to narrow it down. guess nothing major but just wear and tear. Good luck
  13. At 100k mileage alot of things could have worn out. absorbers if from new car till now could be worn out too especially with lowered spring. the end link u refer to tie rod? did the workshops hoist up the car to check?