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  1. Was looking at W213 also.. But getting in and out of a saloon is becoming a chore... And also both bosses liked the GLC.. Its a no brainer cos its their daily ride.. Not mine.. Another issue is W213 lousy overtrade.. 5k.. I got 17k for GLC.. Boss wants... Boss gets.. Coolie have to obey
  2. I don't suggest you do the FL upgrade... I just traded in my 2012 W212 for GLC200... Reason being the Turbo is leaking and my guy told me it will be a min 8K (Just hoist up view) to easily 12K... not fixing it will have me filling 4 ltrs of engine oil every 3 weeks...BTW, my mileage is also very low..7ys only 100K km...Like @Kepiting1sg, I had plans to renew COE once it reaches 10 yrs. But the potential damage could easily reach 20-25K for future issues... Thus I decided to change ride, all thanks to CNC giving me a high overtrade for it. I think you can save up the moolah for future incidents like mine. Spending 8-13K for a already phased out look is not my choice. Just my 2ยข worth. In the end.. Your car.. Your money... Your choice... CHEERS
  3. Dear owner of SFD 11 B... please don't be a CB driver... and do not go around looking for trouble... Cos a lot of times... You really don't know how to handle it when you found it...
  4. https://www.facebook.com/K.Y.C.TyreGarage/ You might wanna consider this for your rubber.... I help reduce the noise for mine.... Just FYI
  5. the E43 is just a 3 Litre ride using the same 9G-tronic gearbox... not the standard 7 speed AMG speedshift DCT.....
  6. i suggest you trade in to the tyre shop....
  7. You stay in the west? There is probably cam shaft issue for engine light and also engine mount or suspension issue for the sound.... You can go to my mechanic in Toh Guan... tell him I sent you... He fixes all my cars issue....
  8. Yes... compressor should work wonders....
  9. Please state is its Replica or Original...
  10. Shops are taking the phone at $400 or less.. and selling at less than $700.... so I think its not wrong to say it's very overpriced... End of the day... willing seller... willing buyer... Good luck to seller...
  11. GLC is 4 months... If you are talking about the Coupe... yes... 9 months...I am a PI owner... so the best I can tell you is... after 3 years the resale price should be less than 10k in difference as compared to AD... A wise man once told me... YOU BUY CHEAP, YOU SELL CHEAP... But for cars... YOU BUY EXPENSIVE... YOU ALSO SELL CHEAP.... LPPL...
  12. You need to ask Dealer... as usual... it all depends on how financially strong the dealers is...
  13. If you had read my post about buying from PI... you will realise that I put the issue on price at No 4.... all because the 3 reasons before that is so much more important than price... one being reputation... and Workshop that covers your warranty... third being you buy the car you see... Many go to AD because of peace of mind when car breaks down... Some PI will give all sorts of excuse when your car does... even though it's not that often... and sometime you have to fork out a lot of money yourself when the PI doesn't want to pay for the repair... Then it all comes to the reputation of the company... I bought my ride from V****r.... the covered the warranty when my car has issue before warranty ends... and paid for the repair... SO do your research....
  14. Let me put it this way... The present E200 at CNC sis selling at 265-270K... while PI is selling at 220-230K.... see the significant price difference??? Read my previous post to understand more about buying form PI....
  15. Like I've said beforehand... You need a min $30K buffer to even think about PI...