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  1. I can second kepiting1sg's view above. Driving a W213 E200 now - 10km / L is not difficult to achieve if you have a good mix of urban and highway driving. PI models may come with stock 17" rims so that will also help with comfort and economy.
  2. I used to drive a W212 E200 and had no major issues up to the point in time when I sold the car. It's quite a reliable car but only if you maintain it properly so if you are looking for a secondhand car, it will be useful to ask for servicing records etc. to make sure that the previous owner didn't scrimp on maintenance. The 7G-Tronic transmission is also quite good at shifting gears but I felt that the car was a bit under powered at times. Given that you are going for a W212 E250, you shouldn't be facing this problem. Have moved on to the W213 E200 and given the reduction in weight and the 9G-Tronic transmission, it does feel a lot more responsive. But I still miss the "heavier" feel of the W212 when going over bumps in the road. Hard to describe the feeling but the W212 feels a lot more "solid"!
  3. Hi Bros, wanted to do a quick check on how often do you all replace the automatic transmission fluid and filter for the 9G-Tronic in the W213? Official servicing manual for the W213 in the USA calls for a change every 60,000 miles / 6 years which is about 95,000 km while the technical documents for the 9G-Tronic (725.001) states as follows: Oil change interval as per NAT2FE+ every 125,000 km/5 years • Exchange of both oil filters in the oil pan, the oil pan must be replaced for this as the filters are permanently integrated into the oil pan every 125,000 km/5 years. My regular workshop is recommending a change every 40,000 km due to "local conditions" but I am not sure if this is an overkill. Maybe the bros who are still servicing their W213s at C&C can also advise on how often does C&C recommend this change? Also, I was quoted $750 for original parts and labour all-in. Is this a bit steep? I used to pay around $400 to change the automatic transmission fluid and filter for the 7G-Tronic so was quite shocked when I received the quote from them. Any bros can share where they usually do this replacement and how much did it cost? Thanks!
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