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  1. For frozen paint maintain is juz normal wash thats all. It depends the workshop use what brand matte lacquer. All my customer after spray they only use water wash. Soap not really need to use. Birdshit or fruit juice easy wash off No stain left behind after clean off No water mark stays on Juz a pcs of cloth wipe off is clean Thats what they feedback to me They say easy wash easy maintain I have confidence in my products also As the matte lacquer i import in myself Tested by myself then i launch to market I also importing wax for matte finishing soon The lacquer we use contain wax in it Simple define Water wun stay as a pool on surface Only can see water droplets 1 wipe water is off Smooth surface always. Stubborn stain can use alchol or turpintine or zippo oil to clean off
  2. wah piang bro mai an ni lehI still young leh.... Haha....
  3. I suppose not from our end here. We r locate at paya ubi or ubi here not kaki bukit. Young boss is not fat guy right?
  4. u need the gas cover? We hv....Bro ray is bought from us.... We hv a lot carbon parts let us noe wat u need also
  5. Bro thanx for ur support Next poison ready will update u for it
  6. Golden couple number for sale 8468 8468 8468 8648 $10000 include transfer ownership Interested party pls pm me
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