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  1. At step 3, press button 1 instead of button 2. This is for right hand drive vehicles.
  2. Decided for own use, thread closed. Thanks.
  3. Which model of the Etwow scooters are u interested? The are 3 models: ECO/MASTER/BOOSTER.

    1. twtan2000


      Currently MASTER & BOOSTER is out of stock. I have 2 ECO remaining.

  4. If u take out the park light, won't one of the rear light also come on?
  5. Actually , at that kind of pricing´╝îno need to bother. Nothing so great about it. I have used it on my previous car before.
  6. Everyone just follow the marketing gimmick..a drivers' car..but stock suspension of BMW is way too soft to be sharp nor handles well..ask those BMW owners who change out the suspensions.
  7. Sonic racing replaced for me. Actually, if you are more adventurous, can DIY as it is quite easy to install, after I looked at how it was done.
  8. Got it changed.
  9. One of my HID headlight turned pink. Anyone knows where to get the bulb replaced?
  10. The website mentioned that they are not taking orders
  11. The gap is really bad, entry level or not. Fundamental fit and finish should be up to par.
  12. Interesting
  13. I did it at Euromodz in Toh Guan. You can google for their address and contact. I think someone did post here the contact of Annis.