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  1. hey guys, anyone of you managed to find the door handle storage area? the old car i used to drive has got this storage space but this time, mercedes don't have. most of the stuff sold online are for left hand drive. any other tips or tricks to make it into a storage area where i can place my phone.
  2. definitely plastic. gonna give those taobao stick on console a try. if no go, probably pay for the wood console from benzline
  3. Ok, collecting my ride on thursday, will go take a look. Hopefully there's a few preowned AMG Authentic rims for sale. then probably for 18 inch. Yeap, that's what i have heard, most pump 98. Coming from my previous ride of mazda 3, might just test both RON to see what's the difference ok! will come join if i can make it for the meet up. was thinking of changing to wood console by benzline.
  4. Hi Merc Forum! Just got myself a preowned c200 w205. Got a few questions for you guys here. 1. I like to change my rims to the AMG 5 spoke rims. Is replica rims OK or better to go for genuine ones? 2. Should I go for 18 of 19? Will it affect the petrol consumption? Or negligable? 3. Can I mix around Ron 95 - Ron 98 between refuel? Like this time pump 95. Then next refuel pump 98? 4. Any recommendations for shops to wrap my center console? Don't really like the glossy plastic. Thanks in advance.
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