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  1. My car is from CnC and it's the C180. I have a feeling CnC blocked the option, so that you don't have a choice and have to purchase from them (S$3,100). Anyway, I returned the card to Satnavishop and they gave a refund to me.
  2. Hi HahnLiew, Did you purchase the card from satnavishop.co.uk also? Fyi, I have written 3 emails to them since Friday last week and still no reply.
  3. Hi GT49, Didn't work. Did what you mentioned but stayed on the same screen "Please install compatible navigation software.....". Looks like I need to check with satnavishop.co.uk. Thanks.
  4. I just received my card and inserted into the SD card slot but nothing happened. Can you explain the installation procedure? Thanks.
  5. A picture of the screen with the navigation turn on. You need to download the Mercedes-Benz Download Manager "SD Card Navigation" to check the version.
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