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  1. Perhaps can try to sync the key to the keyless system by doing this. Remove the start stop button from the keyhole. Plug your car key in and start the engine once and turn it off n then put back the cap again to see it it's paired.
  2. possible to buy those matt screen protector meant for ipad to cut and stick on ba? but if its the dimmness and not the refelctions, doubt it will help much though.
  3. tried the radio app back in late 2014 when i got the car. the app has been discountinued if I am not wrong. anyway, the music is crap. the internet serving is also slow like....... basically its useless
  4. 2yo W205 had window rattling sound, sent back to svc center, resolved but came back. Got a lubricant from a guy, lubricate the felt whenever i heard it come back. works like a charm. replaced pads a month back due to screeching sound, previous w204 also same situation.
  5. 2014 w205 c180 amg line 40/20/40 fold down Standard manual adjustable Amg line has real dual exhaust Avangarde has one side exhaust
  6. My amg line c180 no vroomvroo sound lei. Exhaust is different frm avant-garde but sound more or less sama sama
  7. Amg line include suspension, rims, brakes, exhaust, bodykit, interior artico panels and dash, pedals, seats, sterring wheel. Some cannot or v difficult to rrtrofit outside
  8. Ouch.. That sucks. Have they tried to compensate via say service credits?
  9. had a c200k before. would change out the ATF and do a change of oil as well. check the brake pads. CnC services every 15,000km or a year depending on which happens first. I did it every 10,000km. if dealer checked and last service was 117 and current mileage is 140, so due for service. groaning side mirror, had it before, lubricated with silicon spray. seems to work ( but then i sold the car after a few months) wind noise, perhaps rubber seals has hardened. can consider relube the rubber with those rubber protector etc, if not change out the seals.
  10. 1) not sure why, but i have no problems why my usb 2) have it but never used it. never saw the need to. may try it later 3) mine is audio20, doesnt work on audio 20 4) w205 no apple carplay yet 5) may need to alter the program. dont think CnC will do it. 6) information displayed if optioned with distronic plus. 7) never tried, then again why need to know ah? 8) auto-dimming for rearview and driver side. already like this on my previous w204. w205 same same
  11. The old w204 is heavier with the solid thump that this w205, but that shouldn't be perceived as a downgrade. The weight saving means car is now agile:-) Can't say much about strength since I haven't crash either car yet
  12. It is lighter and it is due to more aluminium hard in the whole car. Regardless of place og manufacture, SA, Germany or US, the same variant of car would weigh pretty much the same. Some of the bros had their w205 made in Germany(PI I think)
  13. maybe ba. anyway the new C price not that much difference from the E. Didnt really like the E cos the interior just looks dated compared to the new C.
  14. when comes to selling off the car, you might be disadvantaged. Since it is a business transaction, why make people's life easy at the expense of yours? They will not love you more what, right?
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