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  1. Hello everyone,,, I'm Lincon. After 2 days of frenzied learning and shopping for my first Merc. Just signed on the dotted line this afternoon for a pre-owned unit. Early 2013 C180 1.6l Coupe white on red. I hope this will be good experience, I'm coming from Audi/VW after 13yrs. Cheers! Like this
  2. Hello everyone,,, Anyone going for this event organised by CnC? E-Class Learning Night Thu 28th July 7-9pm MB Centre Level 3 AMG Arena...
  3. Hello everyone,,,i have always been a merc lover and finally able to own one. Currently I am looking at one c180 cgi 1.8L,Jul 2011.i realised the engine noise seems to be relatively loud rough and raw. I also seems to hear the TC, and seems like driving a Diesel engine. Not sure if this is like that. I can't find any other c180 cgi 1.8l in the market to test except for one more,which I am unsure if is genuine a chi. This dealer claim his is also cgi (2011 Sep)and the car is v quiet and when I step on the throttle,it feels more refine. There is no 7-gtronic on the top right side of the boot. No memory and electronic seat for moving front n back. I think that is not a cgi right? I am not sure if the Any difference between c180 cgi 1.8L FL early 2011 with DRL and the 2012 c180 Cgi 1.6L? Appreciate some kind merc lover can assist. I can't wait to own one.
  4. Hello everyone,,, EleBest Pte Ltd #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore 9:30-18:00, Mon-Sat, Except PH Max Yao, +6597335000, [email protected]
  5. Hello everyone,, I am from US. It is hard to find a active merc forum in Malaysia like this one. Hope you don't find me intrusive. Currently driving a CLA already for about 6 months. Thank you. 2018 Updates. New colour!