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  1. I thought new car collection always at Alexandra. Though I do see that they deliver some new cars to Pandan before. Maybe dependant on SE? Collect from huge car park is similar to Honda! Lol!
  2. Thank you for your valuable advice. I'll be sure to check on all these before I decide to sign on the dotted line. After hours and hours of YouTube and Google search, I've finally decided to go for A class sedan. Gonna go with one of the big boys in PI industry. Hopefully will be smooth.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm keen to get a W205 FL. Besides cost savings and agent warranty, can some of the experts here please share what are the major advantages and/or disadvantages of getting a unit from a reputable PI vs C&C? Managed to test drive C180 at C&C but found it underpowered. Considering a C200 instead.
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