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  1. That’s fast. I got my CoE on the second bidding after my deposit. Getting the car this coming week almost 2 months from the date deposit was paid.
  2. Looks like 2 months waiting period is the standard. I booked at the end of Feb and they said would deliver by the end of April or early May. My car is already in Singapore and currently waiting for duty to be paid.
  3. Is it through C& C or PI?
  4. Thanks. They do give S$ 800 insurance discount although the premium still higher than outside. Still plan to go with them.
  5. Is it compulsory to take insurance from C & C? Is it tied to the discounts given?
  6. The PO just says April/May. No particular date. I got the COE in the mid March bidding and the car reached Singapore first week of April. Based on this timeline, any idea when the car will be ready for delivery?
  7. Finally buying a Merc. Went for the C200. C & C tells me that the car is in Singapore buy still awaiting for duty to be paid. They have already collected full downpayment. Anyone can advice on how long before I can get my hands on the car?