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  1. Hi, My w204 is about 120k KM and giving 2 issue now. 1. Sounds coming from torsion bar 2. Engine light on due to catalytic converter Comment problem? Any workshop recommendation in West side?
  2. Pls PM BMC air filter price for C180 W204
  3. Think its AKA timing camshaft
  4. Hi, Anyone have issue with advancer and where to change it? I'm driving W204.
  5. Hi can pm me price for frozen grey for W204 from black
  6. I got the entire set for w204 for $836 from Golden link. Maybe W205 cost more.
  7. what's the model and year of manufactured?
  8. quick question. As I don't use Start/Stop function, is it necessary to use AGM battery then?
  9. Our Onsite Service Labour Charges for Car Jumpstart / Car Battery Replacement including installation 到您的目的地为您跟换电池和安装或车子启动服务收费表。全岛都一样价钱。 7am -9am $40 9am-5pm $40 5pm-9pm $40 VARTA AGM DIN Size Cash And Carry Battery Price 570901076AGM DIN 70AH (57002) $355 580901080AGM DIN 80AH (58002) $425 595901085AGM DIN 95AH (59002) $465 Autobacs sell Bosch LN4 for $524.
  10. Tks for the info. I've checked a workshop and is charging $500 for AGM battery after discount. What is the market rate?
  11. Will weak/old battery cause hold function not to work? My battery is 3.5 yr old and this problem started more than 6 months ago.
  12. Thanks for the link.
  13. Anyone try Fuchs oil? Any review? Tx.
  14. My 3 years old C180 have air genrated from air filter box rattling. Ouside mechanic told me have to change some part. Anyone have similar problem?