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  1. That's great to come with your ride. I measured the dimension of the bolt and bought this. Mcgard, OEM for Merc wheel lock.
  2. Hi, Anyone using wheel locks on their rims? Where can I buy it?
  3. sms 91192171 for more information.

  4. Can you send me the price and the specification of the intercooler? Is it direct mount or require some work to replace the original?
  5. Why dont you buy after marker brake kit like Brembo and AP? And even suspension too?
  6. Bought BMC from Benzline after making a few calls as they were the cheapest without installation I can DIY. Good quality product.
  7. As per title going for $270. PM me.
  8. Thanks Bro.
  9. I presume you are using BMC. I've no experience since I have been using either OEM or K&N filter in all my previous ride. Can you give me some feedback on BMC? BMC cost is definitely more compared to K&N.
  10. Thanks Both for your kind direction.
  11. Can I know if anyone can direct me to seller/supplier for either the above air filter? Thanks.
  12. DIY. Not difficult to me as long as u have the right tool. W204 cabin filter is below the glove compartment. just have to unscrew 3 screws before getting to the filter. You can always go Youtube to search for it. OEM filter is only about $25.
  13. Change cabin filter will solve the problem. I changed every 6 months or start to have smell.
  14. Hi, My w204 is about 120k KM and giving 2 issue now. 1. Sounds coming from torsion bar 2. Engine light on due to catalytic converter Comment problem? Any workshop recommendation in West side?