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  1. thank you
  2. Everyday I need to wash my rims due to a lot of brake dust power stick on my rims. I also used armor all rim protectant and the most 2 days, a lot carbon still stick on it. Any brand has less brake dust?
  3. Hi, recently bought second c180 w204 2008. i found that sometime, my small headlight will not turn off after remove lock the door. My light switch is at 0. Either it will remain 1 light turn on at left or right. Sometime nothing happen. currenlt my way to let all light off is wait for 20 sec, unlock the car, Turn on lightlght then to 0 again. Then lock the door again, then all light might turn off
  4. I bought C180 1.8. By right I had purchase 1.6cc which I had ask and check with salesman first and sgcarmart info also mention 1.6cc. After make payment, then should me log card is 1.8. He said horse power is same....., I feel cheated and so what the point of same horsepower. Unless you tell me that your mistake can make same 1.6 road tax price. Some more is Casetrust car dealer. Make me feel no trust with this rubbish casetrust sticker..
  5. Checking what the fuel consumption for 2009 C180 1.6L ? Base on old thread in this forum, some ppl mention can hit 15km/L to 16km/L. My friend told me only 11km/L. So much different?
  6. look like you own a lot Merc car. Hope old car won't have some many sensor or breakdown issue
  7. Thank you for the info.
  8. I new and look for renew COE Merc. Year 2009. within my budget are: 1) c180 1.6 2) c180 1.8 3) c200 1.8 which model should I buy? All 3 car price almost the same. (Within 5k different) What the different power for car 1) and 2) ? If same I rather choose 1.6L ... If I choose c180 1.8, is it better to get c200? Is C200 1.8 fuel consumption higher then c180 1.8 ?