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  1. yes, a thin layer of rain x on the wipers
  2. if u ever used rain-x, you can just apply a thin layer on your wipers, will remove the juttering. Tire shines has solvents which flashes off easily hence they dont last that long. You can also just apply a thin layer of liquid wax/spray wax on the wiper blades.
  3. I think the below from taobao works. 【老款奔驰s级导航S300 S350改装安卓10.25寸大屏系统carplay】https://m.tb.cn/h.3uUmpfQ?sm=fb3a50 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或復·制这段描述¥htrIbH6zVvI¥后到👉淘♂寳♀👈 https://m.tb.cn/h.3uUmpfQ?sm=fb3a50
  4. Can quote for 2013 w212 fl
  5. Pls quote for 2013 e400 w212fl