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  1. After washing my car yesterday I experience this is sticky brake feel again and I have to accelerate hard in a confine area of the carpark to drive kind of scary as there are car around. Anyway to prevent this sticky brake thing from happening?
  2. Wondering anyone have this problem after car wash the next morning when the car engine is started it cannot drive off. This happen after engine is started and the drive position is change from P to D position and brake pedal is release but car didn’t move off. One can feel the rev of the engine when the accelerator is lightly but also feel the brake or something is preventing the car from moving off. I only managed to drive off after applying the accelerator at around 2k rpm. This is not normal cause usually when brake pedal is release the car should move off. Please advise if you have similar problem or know how to overcome it.
  3. The below shows "Your session with SingPass has timed-out. Please login again from e-service website" Can show us which web to go and where to click in the web pls. Thks. Your session with SingPass has timed-out. Please login again from e-service website.
  4. Wondering if any bros know how we can check if our car dealer have register our new vehicle using onemotoring.com.sg besides calling LTA/Sales Executive of the dealer. Secondly, say onemotoring.com.sg is showing a range of numbers for registering of new vehichle eg. SKG1000A to SKG1500C that means if dealer go in to website to register the car. He can tell that he will be receiving the registered number in this range right eg. SKG1200A
  5. Have anyone driven both current model cars how is the pick up like... Any problems for the E200 that has been uncovered so far.
  6. Actually for BMW servicing one can go to PML or Munich Automotive - both are BMW Authorised Workshop and warranty will be maintained if one service there. Tomorrow is COE bid again, my guess is it will go up say about 4K since last round Cat B dropped $8K let’s see ....
  7. The attractive thing about power of cars is that once you get to drive it, it is hard to look back. The 320i @ 170bhp, but pricing wise on high side...so wait till economy is down than enter mkt.
  8. Compare C180 to 320i - compare most hot cars: 320i to the C180 the latter steering is a bit light to my liking, 320i steering have more feel to the direction of road. Power wise 320i is definitely more powerful but its 400cc higher. Not want to compare to C200 as is an older car. Although response of C160 is better than C200 (maybe C200 more comfort design). However 320i pricing is too high...so maybe A4, but not much people buy, resale and dry clutch of a concern? Merc and BMW resale is gd and mechical should be better than A4... So no more cars left to choose for the fussy driver!
  9. Do you mean the current new 320i or the previous model.
  10. Just hold me back when I read thread like this: "I have also own the 3 series in 2001-2005 and 5 series in 2006-2009. I have also sold both the car due to problems. The 5 series has gearbox problem, active steering problem and computer problems"
  11. Heard that in the past 320i have more problems and is less reliability than Merc C180/C200. Anyone own a BM before and can testify that.
  12. Would you get open cat COE registered car with <100km mileage or a brand new car, consider the registered car is of 15K saving?
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