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  1. Hoppecke 74ah 2014/nov/18 till today 2019/jan/21. Haven’t change battery. Battery still in good condition. 4 years plus.
  2. On SPC Ron92. Averaging 7.2l/100km on dashboard readings. On 18” 225/40R18 Hankook S1 Evo2 treadwear 260. One Full tank to light up appear just a little over 800km. Last top up after fuel tank light up at 59.945 litres. Using Schnell 5w40 engine oil from Giant Supermarket. $24.90/4 litres without promotion. $19.90/4 litres with promotion. Alternative using Carlube 5w40 engine oil from NTUC Supermarket. $19.90/5 litres with promotion. Engine oil filter buy from Taobao S$6.87 inclusive shipping. Brand: Mahle. Code: OX 1080 D. Oil filter comes with 3 standard gaskets. 2011 July, FL w204 c180k 1.6 kompressor stock engine.
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