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  1. My W204-2012 model does not have navigation system installed.Pls advise how and where to get it installed with the existing sysytem
  2. Hi JB15, Thanks for advise.I ordered last Saturday,unfortunately the Perfect Power workshop at Bukit Batok is closed for CNY and the battery has not been delivered yet.Wait for the shop to open after CNY. Also,my other car changed the car battery at Mazda service centre ( Yuasa ER 95D ) for almost S$300.I think it is very expensive.
  3. Hi guys, Recently,I sent my car C180,W204-2012 to Autobacs for servicing.Being told my battery only got 60% juice left.Got to change which cost me $480+$20. Do I wait the dash display appear or change now? Thanks.
  4. Recently I sent my C180 (W204-2012) to Autobacs for service.Informed time to change battery (60%) juice left.Pls advice.
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