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  1. Hi, Anyone know where to buy original battery other than MB? Mine is about to change. thanks!
  2. CLA180 - 2015 model
  3. Please pm quote and details like HP and torque gain as well as fuel savings. Also will it be easy to remove when the car needs to be inspected.
  4. Hi Toysoldier, so what are you selling now and at what price and colour?
  5. Hi all, Received an offer from C&C to clean my car's air-con with a $100 rebated from the usual price of $448. Anyone did it and whether it's worth doing it? Thanks!
  6. Hi EK, May I know where to purchase the Boot Tray and how much does it cost?
  7. Go ahead if money is not an issue. The AMG bodykit will drool many, especially if you paint certain area red below the lower grill. It also comes with AMG rims and interior seat with red stitch. Regretted not getting one.
  8. I'm facing this issue too and it only happen when I'm in Changi Area. All other area seems good.
  9. sagy021.....did you get the back pack and umbrella? I've it as welcome gift when i collected mine. I'm not sure if it's plus package or not though.
  10. This morning, my car prompted me that my Park Assist is inoperative. Anyone has such experience before? I'll call MB service center later.
  11. Please PM price and downtime for front and rear bumper and diamond grille.
  12. Griffin, yes I've clayed my car before priming