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  1. Hello, I've 2 questions for my W221 1. I've noticed some W221's have the bottom LED's on as daytime running lights, mine turns all lights on when I selected the Daytime running light option, wondering if there is a setting I'm missing 2. I've replaced all my airmatics, reservoir and pump as they were all gone; but on comfort mood the car feels bouncy over uneven road, is this the normal ride comfort?
  2. Hi Guys, Apologies if this was covered in another topic. I have recently purchased a S300L and sadly there is alot of work to be done on the undercarriage of the car. The car has sentimental value to me and I wish to keep it. Just as a general guise 1. All 4 air shocks seal is damaged; requiring replacement 2. All front linkages and arms bushes are torn require replacement 3.All rear linkages bushes are torn, plus subframe bushes are also torn My usual mechanic has quoted by quite a large sum, I was wondering is there a usual mechanic for this type of car that forum pple patronize that they can share.
  3. Hi, I've just got a W221; wondering is there meetups for S classes specifically or a general meetup for the Merc community only.
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