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  1. Hi all looking for the above model racechip. Please PM me if you have any for sale. Thank you so much
  2. Hi all looking for the above model side skirt and front lip. Currently, the car is on stock side skirt and front bumper. Please PM me if you have any for sale! Thanks alot!
  3. Ok. Thanks ody for finding out!
  4. Hi all! Very new to merc and wanted to ask a question which i couldn’t find the answer here yet, has anyone tried removing the rear stock bumper chrome trim of a c180 coupe w204? I was told that the trim are held my glue and clips. But i saw a photo of a stock c180 rear bumper without the chrome trim and there were no holes for the clips to slot in. Just want to make sure that it’s held by glue only so that i can saw it of with a fishing line. Thanks for reading this!
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