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  1. Sorry Fesa704, I am not familiar with the rules on posting especially on pricing information. To declare, I am not related to this WS and not advertising either. The information below is solely for sharing. WS: Kompressor Automotive at Kaki Bukit Damage : $950 +7%GST Parts Changed : Steering Lock Replacement + programing (more like ignition thingy being replaced) Do PM me if require further information Cheers.
  2. Thank you Fesa704. I had settled the ignition problem. Cheers, KC
  3. Hi Folks, I was informed by one workshop that my ignition mechanism may break down anytime (based on the sound when you insert or remove the key). May I check whether any folks had changed the ignition mechanism before? Any workshop to recommend for 2nd opinion. TIA. (Model : W204)