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  1. Selling the above mentioned steering wheel for $350 Good Upgrade for pre facelift W204 with stock ugly 2 spokes below the steering wheel without the paddle shifters. interested please contact me at 98523009 to deal. Thanks.
  2. Item sold. Mod please delete thread.
  3. 1. Facelift LED tail lights 2. AMG bumpers (Front and Back) - Dark Silver 3. CF AMG bootlip 4. 17" original AMG rims or any 18" AMG rims 5. Black badge for Hood 6. Facelift foglights 7. Facelift steering wheel with airbag Anyone selling can contact me at 98523009. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, anyone selling the above, kindly WhatsApp me at 98523009. Thank you.
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