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  1. I went to one of the stockist recently and were advised that my model is Avantgarde, and i can only replace with original suspension... i not sure is this true...
  2. Mine NTG2.. But still, i should go for normal 2 din Pioneer or Sony unit.. Or those cheaper Aliexpress / Sgshop android unit... I felt stupid after all...
  3. I just change mine to android head unit at the cost of about $900.. (Yes, can get from Taobao around $200- $500)... My 1st regret.. Only gain is GPS and steaming from Youtube... Rest of the functions is ready supported in original head unit, or is useless.. Not necessary to spend that kind of money.. My 2nd regret...
  4. I having the same exact problem.. Went to C&C and they told me is weak suspension.. Suggest me to change the shock absorbers.. Front 1.8k rear 1.2k exclude labour...