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  1. Hi, I am looking for A180D, if you are selling, can PM me or whatsapp me at 8777 8000 Ben.. TQ
  2. Dear Seniors, I am new to Merc, and now plan to downgrade from SUV to A better mileage car. So i narrow down to A180 or A180D. A180 = Avg 500Km/Tank A180D = Avg 800Km/tank Questions 1: Maintenance for both model, Diesel mode more ex by 10% in term of maintenance ? 2: Resale Value = which is better 3: As i travel much more then normal, Diesel is more suitable for me, but i am worry abt maintenance and resale value, anyone can give some advice ? 4: A180D Rd tax is higher , $740 vs $1048 correct ? please advice.
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