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  1. Selling this pair of buttons at a price of $250. Confirm working! Good for those that their current button plastic dip peel off solve your problem once you convert into this set of module.
  2. Hi All, I planning to change my existing C180 Original grill to Diamond Grill. Of course in order to get a better price I need to have numbers. May I know if anyone keen to purchase it together with me?
  3. How much do they charge you? Any idea upon shut down of engine car cam able to operate for how many hours?
  4. Which WS did it for you? My WS only mention that it can only be tap to fuse box.
  5. that the negative part driving a Benz... We need to get a external battery. Jap car can tap straight to battery.
  6. As long as there video footage to proof it a hit and run. You can claim from the other party once you received Traffic police letter it a long and tedious process but i have done it become and the claims is successful.
  7. What the price for stage 1 and 2 tuning?
  8. How much did you pay for it?