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  1. Ups for the sale front grill at 100 bucks. c180 original steering wheel buttons for sale. 100 bucks for one pair
  2. May i know Where did you wrap your chrome parts?
  3. Hi do you fix this issues? Model w205 I can hear a very high pitch 'eeeeee' sound whenever I brake hold. Sound inmediately disappear when brake hold is released.
  4. 1. W205 Mercedes Turbo Muffler Delete + Charge pipe 2. W205 Mercedes C Class Turbo Inlet Pipe 3. Mercedes Turbo Muffler Delete Bro may i know what are all these? Do I need to do all of these concurrently?
  5. 1)Selling fi exhaust for w205 coupe Lta not approve. 2) charge pipe 3) st power tune Ops piggyback 4) open pod 5) c43 front brake but need swap. 6) gfb dv+ Bro whatapps me at 98455905 and pm me the price
  6. Model: W205 C180 Year: 2015 and above. Good Condition 1. Original Merc Front Grill Star not included. Selling at 200 2. Steering Wheel with carbon prints wrap and original Buttons caps over with silver caps. No Air bags. Selling at 400 only. Buttons and Steering Wheel. PM me thanks.
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