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  1. Bought the below extra accessories (for E200 W213 (2016-2019) by mistake: 1) Customised Phone Holder for W213. $18 2) Front Door Pocket (left and right). $10 Take both for $25。Interested kindly PM me. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Anyone one install either the AMG or E63 spoiler onto their E200/E250 ? Can share the ‘lobang’ and damage ? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Appreciate some advice. Was told by SE that the new E200 will be nano coated on-house before collection. Question: is the in-house nano coating sufficient? Do we still have to send the car to those detailing shops for application of nano coating again ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Bro, I was told the C&C will give 2 sets of car mat upon collection of the car. One is the stock car mat while the other is those premium car mat similar to 3D Maxpider mat. Are they similar in terms of quality ?
  5. The current E200 stock rims should be 18inch if I am not wrong. I have to agree that the rims and the staggered tyres on the E250 look nicer and certainly provide greater stability. Any E200 owners changed their stock rims and tyres to that of E250 ?
  6. 1) Till now, I have not seen how the new steering wheel looks like. 2) I wanted the analogue speedometer but they ran out of stock and only have the full digital screen which costs more. Not my ideal choice.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. Guess the rim costs more. I have yet to collect my ride and was told that it will come with new steering wheel.
  8. Hi all, New to Merc and will be collecting my E200 this coming year end. i preferred the E250 rims and understand that it is staggered. Any pros and cons having the staggered tyres ? C&C will not be able to change the tyres for me as they will only come in stock rims. I will have to change it outside if I wish to do so. May I know which local tyres shop sell the E250 rims ? Hope to hear from the experts here ! Thanks !
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