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  1. Hello Everyone, Well it's time to post again, as I just fixed another issue with the W245 2006/07 model. SRS failure warning message, Wipers (front & rear) not working & sunvisor vanity mirror light Failure Symptom: No power supply to the Wiper system circuit (fuse OK), SRS Failure Message on instrument panel, No light on Vanity mirror. SAM module not supplying power to the specific circuit on the fuse box. Fix: Replace faulty relay on the SAM unit. The relays for the fuse box and the wiper relays are on the SAM unit that link to Fuse box. The SAM unit (with relays) are located behind the glove compartment Locating the SAM Module: The SAM unit is in the footwell on the passenger side where your soles of your shoes are if you stretch your legs straight out. Remove the plastic grill at the top of the footwell, just under the glove box door. Secured by 2 torx screws towards the front and 2 clips at the back. Remove the wire to the light in the plastic grill. Remove the kick panel plastic left side just in front of the door. Pull back the carpet carefully as there is a lot of compressed foam glued to the carpet. Remove the relay plastic cover by gently pulling from the left side, and the cover will pop off Second from the left side relay (grey color) 4 pole is the faulty relay (A002 542 26 19) Tyco I bought a 70A replacement from an uncle shop at Alexandra Village (only shop open on a Sunday) near the food court as you drive out to Bukit Merah. $28 dollar - Cheaper than hundreds of $$$ Relay labeled "B" is the faulty relay (See Pics) Pole 87 goes to the right when you insert it, it only goes in one way so you cant get it wrong. Good Luck Desmo
  2. Done. ........ now she starts lightening fast, first time every time. Just be aware that the starter issue is common on the B Class, but seems to more prevalent on the MY06 from the posts on the WW Benz Forums. (Canada / UK) Lets hope on the to be release MY2012 (SG) new design the starter is either located in a more accessible location or a service hatch is provisioned. (Probably not) Additionally as the starter motor replacement involved lowering the engine and transmission as one piece p, I decided to replace the engine and transmission body mounts. (There are 4 metal reinforced rubber mounts in total). As the engine and transmission had to be dropped to access tye starter, I negotiated and saved a good amount in labour costs on the engine mount replacements by combining the jobs. This has to be one of the best things I could have done, and I recommend if your "B" has done more than 40K. I can hardly notice the engine idling in park "P" or neutral "N" or when the brake is on at the traffic lights in Drive "D". Simply do this test start the engine in park, foot on brake and move to drive. .... feel any difference or vibration? I used to. ...now I feel like the engine is not even running. During driving and even during acceleration the car feels incredibly smooth. Absolutely awesome fels like a brand newby off the car lot. Well worth doing if your baby has a few years on her.... really worth considering. See&See have a standard price for this job of around 800. The question I asked myself is would I do it for that price on another Merc with 40K pluss on her now I feel the difference. The answer would be yes for me.
  3. Hi All, Wow the world (sgmerc) has changed since my last posting back in 2010 (New hosting site and new credentials required I see) Just thought I would like to share with you that my W245 has finally commenced the dreaded sysmtoms of the starter motor failure issue. I have cross checked Battery (under 1yr old) and Alternator charge rate and volts and all is fine, even got a pro set to test the battery and electrics and all is perfecto. Star Diagnostic is reporting all fine apart from a number of failed starts narrowing it down to the Starter. Now preparing my wallet to get the Starter Motor replaced which entails drive shafts removal, lowering of the transmission and motor to be able to get to the starter which is mounted ontop of the transmission housing, which happens to be just under the floor. (Don't you just love german engineering) Yah das is Rad! (Approx 2K to do the job), Perhaps MB chassis engineering should have considered a access hatch for servicability........perhaps not...... Part of being a B-Class owner Even if it is simple as the starter solenoid issue or carbonised brushes, the motor and transmission need to be lowered from their mountings just to get to the x3 recessed bolts that hold the starter in place. Will update you as time goes on. Desmo ..OUT! *Note: images courtesy from WIS from bro eric242340 off Benzworld.org
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