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  1. Hi J888, good to know that you are also using Mandrus Arrow. Is it 18” or 19”? Where did you buy it from and how much? Any photos to show on your ride? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, have ordered a W213 E200 Advantgarde Hyacinth Red with Nut Brown interior from PI with a lot of factory add-ons. Expecting delivery in November. Can only say that with the add-ons, the price difference between C&C and PI is $80k+. I have two questions: 1) Has anybody changed the Benz logo on the bonnet to the Benz Star Emblem on the Advantgarde? Any picture of it would be highly appreciative. 2) thinking of changing the stock rims to 19” after-market forged staggered rims. Was looking at the Mandrus Arrow. Has anybody any experience with Mandrus forged rims? Read mixed reviews from the USA MB forum. Or, if you have good experience with other rims, kindly recommend. Thanks.
  3. Hi, please keep me posted on the Sept meetup. Thanks.