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  1. Anyway just an update for those who face same issue. A mechanism that retracts the reverse camera is faulty. Camera totally fine. Had to replace the whole boot handle as it’s a whole set.
  2. Hi guys, currently driving w213 e220d. Recently my adblue sensor is giving me issues. Previously no issue with the adblue measurement but recently it’s been showing adblue cannot measure even though I have filled it to the brim. My dash is now showing I have 700km till engine start not possible. However this got restarted twice over 2 days when I start my car and sure enough the adblue measurement was full before malfunctioning and showing cannot measure again after a couple of minutes. Went to do a quick check with a workshop and the Mechanic said it might be due to a faulty sensor in the adblue tank. Anybody knows any capable workshop that can help me resolve this issue?
  3. Hi guys anybody having issues with their w213 reverse camera? It seems like when I engage into reverse, there will be a weird sound and the camera cap will not open. Went to force the camera cap open and manage to see that the camera did not pop out. Any idea what’s the cause and where can I get it fixed? PI model here.
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