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  1. Which ever side the fuel cap is, it's always the opposite side of the exhaust (for single exhaust outlet). I've noticed this in many different makes and models.
  2. Could it be that diesel pump is meant for trucks and vans? Here in Melbourne, there are 2 sizes. 1 for normal cars (smaller nozzle) like ours and another which is larger nozzle for trucks & vans.
  3. To All Prospective RaceChip Owners.........Mai Tu Liao!!!!
  4. By gut feel it feels alot more torquey & powerful. If you asking for dyno figures then I don't have. I like it when I give my accelerator a quick depressing flick, the engine will name the exhaust respond with a very nice growling note....just like a V8 engine.
  5. Yeah! My car is a Diesel hence gotten the RaceChip suitable for my car's engine.
  6. My car is a C250 CDI Estate. My mileage percentage is 80% Freeway & 20% City. Yes, I'm using default Racechip settings for now. As for getting it dyno, I don't think so for now.
  7. Hi All Racechip prospective owners, I'd installed my Racechip Ultimate Facebook Edition about 2 weeks again. Here is a little tutorial on how I did it; Step 1 : Remove the Engine Cover (1) Lift engine cover up after using a screw driver to unscrew the only screw of the engine cover. (2) Pull engine cover towards yourself to release the 2 holes from the back of the engine. Below Photo showing the 2 pins that the engine cover will slot into at the rear. Step 2 : Route cable provided by Racechip and cable tie them. I did it the way I did to minimize cable hindling the engine cover from closing properly and to prevent the cable being too heat treated. The Yellow Oval component in the the Diesel Common Rail connector. The whole thing took me slightly more than an hour due to deciding how to route the cable 'efficiently'. Other than that there aren't much to it. Oh yes! I did a silly mistake by leaving the Racehip unit just slipped in between the slot shown in the below photo (Yellow Arrowed) initially. I thought that when I slot the Racechip in there, it is rather tight & snug hence it should be fine. However I totally forgotten that when the car moves and engine running, the engine can flex within the engine bay. Hence forth the Racechip unit dropped into the slot till it got dangling just next to the Turbo charger. So due to this, the Racechip casing got a beating and you can see it in the photo below. I'd put a folded piece of microfibre cloth below the Racechip to prevent the metal, which it was cable tied on, from scaring or even cutting into the Racechip casing. For those who are interested, below are a few photos of the Racechip when it was nice & new. I'd driven about 800kms with the Racechip now & I'm absolutely loving it! The FC has improved alot. Before the Racechip, I'm getting 5.6L/100km but after Racechip installed, I'm getting 4.7L/100km. The engine also sounded like a V8 when I floor the accelerator.....you know that growl.....listen liao very shiok! Hehehehe!!
  8. Great choice Tykl! I'd installed my Racechip Ultimate (Facebook Edition) myself. Couldn't be more happy with it. I am enjoying better FC and power delivery feels alot like a V8 engine with the growl when I floor the accelerator. Will post a DIY installation later .
  9. Definitely! The Piggy back boxes are widely available since even before the Petrol versions are out. Personally I'd chosen RaceChip Ultimate.
  10. At least it claims so but my 380km of initial driving with my Racechip Ultimate seem to suggest so.
  11. You are most welcome. I installed mine last Sunday by myself. Had so far chalked up about 380km with the Racechip Ultimate. Still need more mileage determine it's prowess. However, love what I see on the FC figures. I'd never ever achieved less than 5.5l/100km but today I achieved 4.7l/100km! Very Happy :-D!!
  12. For all A 250 Sports owner. Have a look at the Racechip Dyno on Facebook. I know it's in German but there's always Google Translate to help. Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.614105385274142.1073741842.175968449087840&type=1
  13. Finally enough Mileage to install my RaceChip Ultimate :)

    1. SLKtigress


      congrats! Although I don't know what a race chip is :P potato chip i know!

    2. Danwee


      Bro you update the performance

    3. Roger Yeo

      Roger Yeo

      Bro I also thinking to install on my rideā€¦..

      Can you update the performance and where you did it ?

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