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  1. Hi, can you service the keyless door handle without having to change the whole assembly? If yes can let me know how much per door. Three of my door handles lost its keyless entry. Thanks.
  2. If your engine starts to vibrate when you cold start it in the morning, better just go and change.
  3. Have you guys solved your problem of vibration? Is your car due for servicing of the transmission? Just change your transmission oil and transmission filter, plus changed the engine mounting and the gearbox mounting, total 3 and your issue will be resolved. My car has the same problem for the past 6 months, and during that time, I changed nearly everything from spark plugs, throttle oil, fuel injection service and more but issue just couldn't be resolved. Fuel consumption increased by between 20-30% during this period. In the end, this last move resolved the problem. Monitoring the FC now. Hopefully, it will come back down by the same margin.
  4. The Transmission oil changed and filter cost another SGD200. Total all in SGD600 or RGT$1800. Labour cost included in the RGT$1800.
  5. Hi sorry for reviving this thread up but have just solved the exact issue with my E230 W211 2008 car. Now loving it. Quiet as a church mouse now. Went to my regular JB garage but seems I paid more than what iMac was charged...boo hoo by about $100 more. But then, Instead of OEM, my mechanic got for me a German brand ( I saw the brand on the box starting with G....) Said it will last longer than the OEM ones. Took his words for it. RGT $1,200(SGD400) for the 3 said mountings. Overall happy like shit because it solved my problem, exactly like Jimmy's. I also changed the Transmission oil and transmission filter. I guess that does the trick. I too have renewed my COE in June this year.
  6. To date I still can't sign in direct through SGMerc. I have to sign in through Facebook still
  7. Hi, Is there anyone who has changed their Merc Door Check Strap? The piece where it prevents the door from coming back at you when you opened the door? Anyone knows the price per piece? I have 3 doors which have this problem. How much is the damaged for replacing? The plastic cover of this door strap peeled off through years of opening and closing.
  8. Hi CH, I have just renewed my W211 E230 last month.Bought this new in 2008 Am very happy to renew my COE. Its a solid ride, this E230. That's all I can say. Other than the cold start in the morning which brings along the common gripe of loud engine noise and not much pick up, my car is smooth and quiet after about 15 mins of ride in it. Thanks for the welcome and nice talking to you. David here with you.
  9. Hi guys, normally what pressure you pumped your tyres at? I usually pumped 250 kpa. Is that correct? Using standard 245 45 R17 tyres.
  10. Hi I have a E230 W211 7 G-Tronic. I found out through years of monitoring that the S mode consumed lesser gas than when put in C mode. Is that peculiar? Mine just hit the 10th year recently and have just renewed my COE. Have been suffering from sluggish pick up, in the morning after o/n parking, issue recently even after going for spark plugs change, Fuel injector full servicing, Change Auto gear box filter, Change Auto Gear box oil, change new Battery, Service and clean throttle, added X1R Fuel Additives, Service guy using the gadget to check if any faults also shows none. After all these rectifications, still morning the engine sound sluggish and seems to have issue accelerating.When attempt to acceleration, engine sounds loud but acceleration is very slow and loud. At traffic lights with air con on, the car shudders quite distinct. Switch off air con, shudders reduce somewhat. But once drove for half hour or so, everything quieten down to like no sound. Getting out of my basement car park first thing in the morning going up the slope, the engine sounds loud and straining. Just like a car going up a slope on 3rd gear at 20-25 kmh. Any body having such similar issues? I have just went down to reset the ECU after reading this postings. Hope tomorrow i am going to be surprise. Pray tomorrow I have a car which will sounds like a new car as stated here from some of the guys here.
  11. Hi guys, googling around and discovered this site by luck. After reading some threads, was immediately interested to sign up as a member. But my enthusiasm was dampened by frustrations during the sign-up process. I just could not get past the security check and fail to progress further. After one more day of frustrations, I finally managed to sign up through Facebook. I am still perplexed why I was not able to sign up since yesterday. Can some moderator kindly explain to me of the failure?