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  1. I was thinking of adding something to stiffen the suspension slightly on my GLC Coupe e.g. coilovers as the suspension is a bit too soft for me. Has anyone seen or done this before on any GL series Mercs?
  2. Looking delicious...kena poison liao lol. Anyone facing any warranty issues from the sibei anal C&C after installing this 3rd party speakers?
  3. I feel it is quite ridiculous that changing to other rims (especially for same size and profile) will void the warranty especially when it won't even really affect the ride in any adverse way. To me it just sounds like an excuse just so that they can earn from selling their rims. Anyway I just bought a GLC250 Coupe last week and now comes the excruciating 7 month wait . Now browsing around the forums to see how I can get poisoned when my ride finally arrives .