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  1. Rest In Peace, JTang.
  2. Yes, it is a tire shine. It somehow works on wipers. Just apply it thinly on your car wipers.
  3. Hi. Can I have your quick review on the ATE ceramic brake pads in terms of the durability (mileage), dust level and noise level? My W205’s check brake pad wear message popped up today at 35000 km. I am not sure if it is premature or just about time. Any advice, please? Thank you.
  4. Hi. Thanks for the reply. In this case, I think I will stick to the original brake pads.
  5. Yes, the Armor All Tire Shine works like a charm. It has been nearly a month since I applied the gel on the car wiper blades, the wipers still work fine. I can finally say goodbye to the irritating wiper juddering and noise! Thank you, jtang, for sharing the solution with us.
  6. Thank you very much for the advice. Having known your long history with MB cars makes me feel more assured.
  7. Hi. Thank you. I will do that.
  8. Hi. My W205 front brakes produce an unpleasant noise when the car comes to a near stop with brakes applied. C&C advisors said it was normal for W205. Do the ATE dust-free brake pads produce a similar noise? Thank you.
  9. Hi, I will be on a business trip for 2 weeks and thus my C-Class W205 will not be used during my absence. My question is: Will I have a problem starting the car when I come back? My car does not have an in-car camera and its battery is nearly 2 years old. Also, there is no one who can help me start my car while I am away. Hope to receive advices from forum members. Thank you.
  10. I applied the TPU clear film from Taobao on my W205's piano black console. It does not affect the overall appearance and does not peel off. It is just that it was hard to apply.
  11. Hi, first of all, congrats on collecting your W205. My W205 aircon ON/OFF switch does not have the problem described by you. Yes, I turn off the aircon before switching off the engine, a habit picked up from my earlier rides.
  12. I was prompted by the car before I reached Pagoh R&R. I then decided to pull over and take a rest at Pagoh R&R. I guess the prompting depends on the driver's driving characteristics and patterns.
  13. My W205 C-Class also gave me that advice while I was cruising on the NS highway. Was kinda surprised that it did.