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  1. Thank you old man. I decided not to use this liao.
  2. Haha thought u old man so busy no time look thru forum liao. Me just got my 4 yrs old w212 2 mths back and still exploring. U upgrading yr ride? Can dump some of yr goodies to me hehehe
  3. 2 maybe noob questions: I) can our E class saloon rear seat fold down? Well what I read is 'can' but was this option included for Merc imported into SG? 2) is there volume indicator? Well the volume adjustment works but no indication 🙁 did I missed out anything?
  4. Was going NS highway and my ride told me to take a break twice on separate ocassions. So this feature does work altho can be over sensitive 😁
  5. As per subject Pls text 96891403. Thank u.
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