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  1. As per topic, I'm looking for original C63 S AMG calipers and rotors, 6/4 and 390/360 front and rear respectively. Cheers.
  2. Hi, I'm sorry if I my original post wasn't clear because I think I caused some confusion. I'm only looking to swap with a similar design as mine, but silver in colour. Specs are 8.5 X 19 ET38 (Front) and 9.5 X 19 ET56 (Rear). Once again, apologies for the confusion.
  3. I'm looking to do a swap deal for my rims (graphite charcoal) with a factory silver metallic coloured similar version. These are genuine AMG rims with only 5000km on the clock. I will not consider swaps with replicas. PM me for more details.
  4. What's the name of this shop beside chip soon? Do their colours match after the touch up?
  5. Hi guys, Wondering if there were any track days organised by SGMerc lately? Did a forum search and found the previous track day in Sepang was back in 2011? Cheers!
  6. Current setup (original from Mercedes W205) Front: 225/45/R18 - 7.5j x 18 ET44 (5X112) Rear: 245/40/R18 - 8.5j x 18 ET49 (5x112) New setup (ordering C63 rims) Front: 245/40/R18 - 8.5j x 18 ET38 (5X112) Rear: 265/40/R18 - 9.5j x 18 ET56 (5x112) Do you guys think it would fit perfectly? Based on various offset calculator tools online, the inner sidewall to the suspension and frame for the rear is 0.68 inches closer, as compared to stock.
  7. Hi guys, bumping up this thread to see if anyone has recommendations on LTA compliant aftermarket exhausts for W205.
  8. Hi guys, bumping up this thread to see the progress of said Eisenmann exhausts for W205. Has anyone installed it yet and is it LTA compliant?
  9. Looking for A250 Sport, C&C Unit. No dealers please.
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