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  1. Looking to renew COE. Anyone looking to sell? Thanks.
  2. May I know which year is this, OMV and asking price? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Forgot the last line. LOL. How to sell without price. Forgetful me. Cheers.
  4. Brand new - Rimowa Topas Cabin Multiwheel for sale Item Number 920.52.00.4 Dimensions 21.7 x 15.7 x 7.9 in Weight 9.3 lb Volume 32.0 l Add-a-bag holder 2 Flex-Divider systems Multiwheel® Luggage label 2 TSA combination locks Asking $1,000.
  5. Thanks E-cab. Did a quick search. Any bro know this car?
  6. Any bro letting go? Please PM me. Thanks.
  7. Mileage is about 120k. At least u have one more year. I doubt the Coe will come down within the next 6 months
  8. Any bro keen to drive this car for 6 months? I am looking to sell it at Scrap value ($35,949 at end of 10 years) + 12k = $48k. COE life X on 19 Oct 2014, thus you will have about 6 months to drive the car. Assuming a body of $5k (maybe more, depending on your relationship with the workshop), the depreciation is around $7k for 6 months. Currently, an used car dealer offer me body of $2k, although my workshop boss said he is confident to get much more for me when I am ready to scrap. Carplate is "3210" if it matters. U will need to pay for road tax :-) Almost risk free to try out this car.
  9. Thanks for all the comments. Anyone know the history of this vehicle?
  10. Guys, I am thinking very hard whether to renew the COE on my ride. It is due in Oct. Condition is good and mileage is low. Option 1 Renew the COE Paper value $37k + COE ~ $75k means that annual depreciation is around $12k Option 2 Buy another CLK ... LOL. There are a few on sgcarmarts. Depreciation is around $16k, I think. But I get a newer car. Any bro in this before and decide either way. Can share?
  11. Thanks. According to our sponsor, "Mercedes never released Command NTG2.5 for CLK W209 as the alignment is different from W203." In case any bro interested in the info as well.