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  1. Rays volkracing g27 has similiar design.. Forged rim. In case u guys are interested.
  2. Wow. Thanks for this info. Will make them put down in black n white when i go replace battery
  3. Did stickers at my fav stickerman place. Next will need to find a set of nicer rims. This stock set same color as body color.. Sianz
  4. Selling a few weeks old stock rim..very new and damage free. Rims only.. Will keep my tyres. Whatsapp me 97921285 to offer.
  5. Welcome... I also newbie. Ha ha
  6. Dear all.. Understand most of the body styling is for amg line. Any urban line owners know where to get front and side spoilers for cla urban line? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Just got a CLA 180 mountain grey last week.. Loving the car..any whatsapp group to join?
  8. Ok.. Thanks. Point noted on rim nuts
  9. Can i check.. Is it safe to drive to Malaysia with Merc. My last ride subaru one care.
  10. Thanks bro....
  11. I booked before cny... From CNC.
  12. Hi bro and sis.. Collecting my cla 180 mountain grey this sat.. Happy to be part of this big family.