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  1. WTS Mercedes Benz Messenger Bag and Cap. New unused. Both $200
  2. Did the door handle also recognise only his hand to activate lock/ unlock?
  3. Good to know. 2018 W205 is even GPS Map-ready. I bought an original Garmin Map SD Card for $400 and it works (from SoundWerkz). CC quoted me $2500.
  4. Mine is 2018 W205 (just before current version). This workshop quoted me $400 to install/activate Apple carplay in my C180 W205. I did not proceed with this yet cost I spend my budget on some additional exterior camera installation (camera below both side mirrors and front camera). Soundwerkz Autosound 176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare #04-11 (S)575721 www.sound-werkz.com 90022555 (Kelvin)
  5. I have a local workshop that quoted me $400 to install/activate Apple CarPlay on W205. I don't know if I am allowed to list the workshop name here but you can PM me. I did not spend my money on that yet because I went for a 360 deg camera setup first.
  6. Is there any way I can set Parking Light to permanently OFF? On occasions when I am waiting in school for a while and I don't want any lights to be on, I switch to Parking Light (engine on). Then.... at the end of the day, I forget to switch it back to NORMAL.. and the Parking Light is left on from Friday night to Monday!!!
  7. Patches appearing within one year. Is this normal? C&C said is normal but if I insist, can replace BUT risk damaging demister!!!! So throw the ball in my court.
  8. Tried this for a few days: I end my day in Eco mode. Next day when I start car, it goes back to Comfort mode. Is the computer telling me that Eco should not be the default mode?
  9. I got mine at below $500 in Singapore. Original Merc Garmin SD; can activate. Test: Press the "Navi" button on your dashboard. If it says something like SD Card missing, it means your car is GPS-ready.
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