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  1. Is there any way I can set Parking Light to permanently OFF? On occasions when I am waiting in school for a while and I don't want any lights to be on, I switch to Parking Light (engine on). Then.... at the end of the day, I forget to switch it back to NORMAL.. and the Parking Light is left on from Friday night to Monday!!!
  2. Patches appearing within one year. Is this normal? C&C said is normal but if I insist, can replace BUT risk damaging demister!!!! So throw the ball in my court.
  3. Tried this for a few days: I end my day in Eco mode. Next day when I start car, it goes back to Comfort mode. Is the computer telling me that Eco should not be the default mode?
  4. Please see my PM for Apple CarPlay options
  5. Fully Agree. Lucky my "investment" on the SD Card was only $450, not C&C $2000.
  6. Four months new!!!
  7. I got mine at below $500 in Singapore. Original Merc Garmin SD; can activate. Test: Press the "Navi" button on your dashboard. If it says something like SD Card missing, it means your car is GPS-ready.
  8. Since there was another post on C&C quality, let me contribute mine. This is the quality of the T5 Dashcam, after my new W205 was dented by a lorry at the car park (minor dent; 24-hour recording). Could see the lorry approaching from from T-junction, then reversing into my car but cannot see the plate number - image too blur.
  9. Thank you for the info. I had thought a 4-cylinder engine would be in the region of 4 to 5 litres.
  10. Hi, may I know how many litres of engine oil is required for C180 W205 during routine servicing?
  11. I have the impression that once the car (C180/ C200) has a sun-roof, it is PI. Of course cars without sun roof could also be PI but sun-roof = PI.
  12. Thank you for the suggestion, Pete. I often change my engine oil at 10,000. Will thus make appt with C&C when I hit 10,000 in the next two three weeks.