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  1. WTB original W205 grille. 2018 model.
  2. Interesting. A C200 with 1.6 engine. Now lets wait for the Singapore price.
  3. Two likelyhood: 1: the auto start-stop activating the engine, or 2: auto releasing of the brake-hold.
  4. Hi, pls PM with price for Carplay. W205 2017-2018. Have SD slot and two USB slot like previous pix.
  5. I used to have some music mp3 songs in SD card. Now that I have a Garmin Map SD card in the card slot, can I copy my mp3 music onto the Garmin Map SD Card? Intention is to have Garmin map as well as play mp3 via Media. I know I could plug in an iPod via USB but I hope to have one less gadget in the console box.
  6. Hi, is Garmin Map V6.0 the latest? I find that many roads are not in. And these roads are not new, e.g. Yio Chu Kang Ave 2, Upp Aljunied Road (nearer Upp Serangoon side).
  7. You can see the range at C&C Pandan Loop. I did not check the price.
  8. Yes. C&C Service dept told me installation of 24-hr motion detect adaptor WILL VOID WARRANTY. This is despite adaptor will be installed by C&C authorised vendor and administered by their Service Dept.
  9. By now, has MB released a kit for Apple AirPlay on W205? Alternatively, are there different versions in OEM? Where to see and compare some specs?
  10. C180 W205 new. Logon T5 dash camera by C&C. When ordering car, was told can do 24 hours motion-detect recording. Just need to add an adaptor (suppose to be for battery cut-off) after taken delivery of car. Adaptor and labour at C&C Servicing Dept (C&C vendor) at $250. Now, two weeks after taken delivery, Service Dept said this adaptor for C180 not tested and proven. In fact, proven to have problems. Advised not to do. Besides, it will void C&C warranty. Can anybody advise if I have other options?
  11. Can this work with W205? Manufacturer Part Number: A 218 906 66 02 Compatible Brand: Audio 20 CD Navi system