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  1. Yes. C&C Service dept told me installation of 24-hr motion detect adaptor WILL VOID WARRANTY. This is despite adaptor will be installed by C&C authorised vendor and administered by their Service Dept.
  2. By now, has MB released a kit for Apple AirPlay on W205? Alternatively, are there different versions in OEM? Where to see and compare some specs?
  3. C180 W205 new. Logon T5 dash camera by C&C. When ordering car, was told can do 24 hours motion-detect recording. Just need to add an adaptor (suppose to be for battery cut-off) after taken delivery of car. Adaptor and labour at C&C Servicing Dept (C&C vendor) at $250. Now, two weeks after taken delivery, Service Dept said this adaptor for C180 not tested and proven. In fact, proven to have problems. Advised not to do. Besides, it will void C&C warranty. Can anybody advise if I have other options?
  4. Can this work with W205? Manufacturer Part Number: A 218 906 66 02 Compatible Brand: Audio 20 CD Navi system