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  1. Hi, Can PM cost of fitting this blind spot system? Is it original parts? I’m driving the current C&C W213 E250 which does not come with the blind spot feature unlike the previous Edition E. So quite interested in this feature. Thanks!
  2. What’s your depre like for the Edition E? For me, its really the wide cockpit and the color combination (Hyacinth Red / Brown Interior).
  3. Er...17 months....seriously it was unexpected as I wasn’t even looking to change car. I mean, what can be wrong with the Edition E? I had to give up some features which I value though, lane assist and sun roof. But coz need to take ex-stocks, I can’t spec to my heart desire. But the base car specs are good enough for me. I really just going after the wide cockpit and the color combination.
  4. Did not expect I would change my W212 so quickly...thought i would drive it for 20 yrs or more. But in the end, took the plunge as the color i wanted was available. This will be a keeper and I’ll be even happier to drive it for 20 yrs or more. 151. Pagoda - FL W212 E200 E Edition W213 E250 AVG
  5. Thanks Darksaint, just placed booking fee last Thur. Expected delivery is Mar or Apr. It's terenorite grey in color and the current Edition E, nothing special though.
  6. Hi all, Just took the plunge this evening and traded in my 2010 E60 525i for the E-Edition E200. Glad to be back although I will miss the in-line 6 of the Beemer. Previously I was driving FL W211 E200 before changing to the 525i.
  7. Thx a lot to all your comments. Still undecided as to which to go for....guess I will likely go with the heart. Now I just need to wait for the perfect combination of options....
  8. Thx kepiting1sg for the info on the reliability of Merc 7g trans and the welcome. I tried the E230 and E200K back to back, can definitely tell the difference in smoothness and quietness. As I'm driving the C180k now, the E230 is a breath of fresh air. Just concern with parts availability as the E230 was never a volume seller unlike the E200. Having driven the E200, I thought of trying the E230 but due to the high price vs paper value, no thx to low COE of old cars and high new car price, I probably have to drive it till EOL when COE expired. Thus reliability is utmost importance since I assume parts are harder to come by.
  9. Dear all, First of all, hi to everbody as I just joined this wonderful MB forum. I'm now in the market for a 2nd family car and I'm torn between the E230 and E200. My heart tells me E230 but my brain is telling me E200. Both depreciation is roughly the same at +- $15k but I'm concerned with the long term maintenance of the E230. Can anybody advice the reliability of the 7g as well as the pros/cons between the 2 models? Thx in advance!