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  1. Hi Bro. Sorry for the delayed reply. Was travelling. Yes, still available.
  2. Buying new house....stupid TDSR means I have to reduce overall debt to get a bigger loan for the house.... . At the end of the day, house is an asset, car is a liability...
  3. Hi MB owners. Bought this 3 months ago when I was in Munich on holiday. Thought I would change them on my car the next time I balanced my wheels but I have now decided to sell the car instead. They are brand new in original packing. I'm hoping for $50 each and I will only sell them in a set of 4 pieces, i.e., $200 for 4 pcs. or make me an offer. Can pick up or deliver any where in the Thomson or Pasir Ris area. Send me a message if you are interested.
  4. Bought my E250 Coupe from PI in 2011. At least $40K savings. Just sold on Sgcarmart, around $10k - $15k less then other CnC cars. Still win!
  5. I'm very 'pan-tang' (superstitious). Did not want to post this before...cause my battery 4 years already! Since brand new till now! Still, ok, but dun want to try my luck. Going to change today back to the original in my E250 Coupe, Hoppecke.
  6. Alot of people spend thousands to mod their rides yet when it comes to tyres, they will shop around for the cheapest they can find. Remember, no matter how powerful your engine or how big your spoiler, the tyres are the only contact your car has with the road!
  7. Hi Bro, Sorry to hear of your damage. I installed a camera with the battery back up so that it works even with the engine off. Cost over $700 but it has paid itself 3 times already due to hit and run 2 times and 1 time vandalism! Without catching the culprits, my out of pocket expense would have been over $2000! Don't wait! Get yours done asap!
  8. Oh yah, one more thing. Anybody replaced the beltings before? Is there a service interval for the belts? What about water pump?
  9. My car gives a warning message "Top Up Coolant" every 3 - 4 months. Anybody else have this issue? I have looked for leaks but don't see any even when the car is lifted on the jack at the workshop I don't see any sign of leaks. Any advise guys and gals?
  10. Bought ATF, Filter, Gasket and Adapter from Goldenlink for $165.85 and Labour at my workshop $120.00!
  11. Bought my atf from Golden link and went to Chip Soon hoping to do a service and change the atf. Unfortunately they don't want to entertain me just because I bought my own atf! :-(
  12. Just bought Rotors and Ceramic brake pads from Goldenlink at Ubi. $700 for all four wheels for my E250 Coupe!
  13. I got my E-250 Coupe from PI last May, saved more than $60K instead of buying from "See and Si" See & Si claim the coupe is a 'life-style' vehicle so they can justify charging more!
  14. My previous ride was a Jap car. Was walking towards my car when I saw this kid in the MPV that just parked next to my car swing open the MPV door very hard and create a huge dent in my car. Both father and the kid laughed and start to walk away when I shouted at them to stop. Straight away the father and kid turned white. No argument, father cough up $500!
  15. To Bros with the 'Change Key Battery' message for Keyless-Go Mercs. What I did was to use the buttons on the remote key to lock and unlock the car instead of using the Keyless method. Had to do for both keys. Anyway, the message went away and hasn't been back!
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