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  1. How long does the 6 click signal flash take? Can it be done for w205? Same price?
  2. Anyone tried this and is this even available here? Power claims seems aggressive for a simple chip?
  3. Nice. I'll prob drop by to test the sound. The stock system is actually quite good for stock. The rotating aspect is cool and that's whats really driving my curiosity and interest.
  4. Looks good. Are your silver aircon vent covers after market as well?
  5. Thanks for replying Stanford.
  6. TreeStar, this is the mother of all mod threads. Thanks for posting .. and modding...
  7. J&E, where did you get this done and how much was it? Please take a pic of your tweeter location if its convenient. TIA
  8. HI, I'll be picking up a pre facelift 2018 C180 for the wifey in April or May. I'm new to Mercs and would like to inquire about the Diamond Grill replacement. C&C charges 1.3K, Benzline 1.1k. Are there any other reliable and more fairly priced options? I'm also reading there are non-OEM options? My understanding is Benzline brings in OEM parts. For the non-OEM, is fitment and durability an issue? What's the difference in the price please. Thanks in advance.