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  1. Thanks for replying Stanford.
  2. TreeStar, this is the mother of all mod threads. Thanks for posting .. and modding...
  3. J&E, where did you get this done and how much was it? Please take a pic of your tweeter location if its convenient. TIA
  4. HI, I'll be picking up a pre facelift 2018 C180 for the wifey in April or May. I'm new to Mercs and would like to inquire about the Diamond Grill replacement. C&C charges 1.3K, Benzline 1.1k. Are there any other reliable and more fairly priced options? I'm also reading there are non-OEM options? My understanding is Benzline brings in OEM parts. For the non-OEM, is fitment and durability an issue? What's the difference in the price please. Thanks in advance.