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  1. Currently driving a renewed 2008 C200. Looking to swap some parts with your car if you're not planning on renewing COE. Will top-up a bit on my end and pay for the labour cost to swap the parts. Generally looking to swap side mirrors as well as tail lights (both in working condition, not cracked). Can DM me here or telegram me @icekopi Thanks!
  2. Looking for the 2012 Facelift AMG package rear bumper. If you have one to let go or selling your ride, am very interested in buying it from you with swap. Thanks!
  3. Any bros here know if the W204 Coupe and Sedan can share parts such as Rear Bumper? Looking to acquire a Face-lift W204 Coupe AMG rear bumper to fit on my pre-facelift W204 Sedan
  4. Have the same issue with my C200K. Did a little research online and found out that this is a common issue with the pre-fl model with the old CD player. The problem seems to be the CD drive failing. Either change a new head unit or get the CD drive repaired by someone who knows how.
  5. I'm looking for authentic Mercedes AMG hub caps, otherwise known as wheel caps. Anybody know where can I get them? Seen some on Carousell but I doubt their authenticity.
  6. Hi all, Sometimes my C200 Kompressor would have a check engine light on. It's on and off, sometimes it will light up then maybe after 1 or 2 day it'll be gone. When the check engine light is on the car feels like it has lost boost, acceleration becomes sloppy. Had the check engine light scanned and the error code was P0045 which is Supercharger circulating-air flap, Open circuit. Any idea how to fix it?
  7. Hi there! Am looking to upgrade my 2008 C200K with some of the facelift model parts from a salvage yard but I am unsure if it'll fit. Seeking suggestions on the compatibility of the following parts. 1) Facelifted rear bumper with diffuser 2) Facelifted LED Side mirrors 3) Facelifted LED tail light Those are the parts I'm looking into, are they perfect fit and compatible? Advice is greatly appreciated!
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