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  1. just a follow up review everything run smoothly after the ECU changed. pick up was good. car was responding well to acceleration. Glad that i choose the option of changing original ECU from local stockist PAS auto. initially was weighing the option of -Repairing the ECU (less than 1K) -Replacing with brand new ECU from PRC (1.5k) -Replacing with original ECU (slightly more than 2k)
  2. I just replace a brand new ECU (original from local stockist) and get it programmed . now the car is running smoothly. can feel the gear change much smoother. I choose original ECU because i renew the COE .
  3. seems like no one have done it yet. latest update, i've just ordered from the website waiting it to arrive. Already found an installer to install in. was told whole job need 3-4hrs.
  4. Just gotten my pre-owned W212 with renewed COE. Looking to upgrade the stock audio to the touch-screen android one. Been looking around and found this https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/10-25-Android-8-1-Octa-8-Core-CPU-4-64G-Car-Radio-GPS-Navigation-Bluetooth/2784064_32894773094.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.1.544675846rOnEl Wonder anyone have done the upgrade before. Saw the review seems like one of them is from singapore. My ride detail is 2009 W212 E250 Avant-garde (C&C unit) any advise will be much appreciated. Thank you
  5. What's the damage for camshaft adjuster repair?
  6. hi bro can share pic of your roller curtain? Manual or electric $40 for whole set or just 1 pc? Pm me the stockist too Thank you
  7. Called up C&C they quote me $1680 inclusive of LTA certification. (3 day job) any better lobang? Thank You
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