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  1. Hi everyone, 1st time owning a 2019 Merc C200 mild hybrid after driven several other marque. Looking forward to learn from all. Any good value recommendation for ceramic protection against stone chips ? Best regards
  2. Joo Chiat Prawn Mee 75 Carpmael Road, corner KPT. Usually I will wack finish the soup first then ask for more to go with the noodles. Beware of their chilli powder add in simply Bagus !!
  3. Bro time to upgrade to GL450, whatever Merc class scarly when knock into you also peng san ! Taxi knock into the GL tank lagi jialat,
  4. Bro E220CDI, I just got picked up last Sunday by your fellow Merc limo bro. He was complaining to me about some issues about the new limo besides the new higher rental. Confirm it's true that your driver seat is manual adjustment not electronically ? Really can't imagine the cost cutting measures such as this feature removal. Wow you must have plenty of lobangs for corporate jobs..... Good for you. Cheers
  5. Taken quite a few times this new limo model on the way for work. Engine is extremely quiet compared to the previous 220 model. Ah ya E class owners been long used to the fact their car model also concurrently utilized as public transport liao since the Bug eyes CDG to CDI model. What's the big deal with moving onto this one as a matter of fact of fleet upgrading leh. Rumored that a special fleet of new S class to be out too to compete with Chrysler any truth about it, bro E220CDI ?
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