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  1. Hi jtang, sorry if you think I'm OTing but I was replying to your first reply in this tread. *i did not ask why they are not hand built and I will not ask.
  2. The AMG Private Lounge Team has clarified that the 43 series AMG are indeed true Mercedes-AMG and owners are entitled to join the AMG Private Lounge. Attached email reply screenshot from
  3. well real or not real its still a merc and lets not go off topic from this thread..
  4. Listed on official AMG website why not real AMG? To me, as long as factory badged AMG its real.
  5. Haha sounds like fun! how about listing out the hot locations and plan a route?
  6. basically to apply and make it legal, exhaust emission and sound must be within the acceptable range.. Exhaust system (e.g. exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, mufflers, etc.) The exhaust system, which consists of the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and muffler, is used as part of a vehicle's exhaust emission control system to ensure that the exhaust emission meets our environmental requirements. Any modification to the exhaust system would therefore require LTA's approval. The following should be submitted to LTA for evaluation: a) Certification from the product manufacturer stating that the proposed aftermarket exhaust system is suitable for the make and model of the vehicle. Test reports from the LTA/NEA recognised test laboratories to show that the aftermarket exhaust system when fitted to the vehicle on a per make and model basis complied with prevailing noise and/or exhaust emission standards. Note: Removing catalytic converters and mufflers are not allowed as it will adversely affect the exhaust emission characteristics of the vehicle. Vehicle owners found modifying or tampering with the exhaust system may face a Court fine of up to $1,000 or 3 months' imprisonment upon conviction in Court.
  7. I think Exquisite Marques sells them..
  8. For Walkie go to Radioquip they have rental sets too. The post was 2012 prices might be lower now. *these are sightly more professional sets with a range of frequency to tune, not the usual Motorola programmed fixed frequency with limited channels kind. RadioQuip Communications Pte Ltd Anthony Chu +6597552280 79 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455219 Operating Hours: Mon - Sat, 1145am - 645pm they are located on the 2nd floor of the T3 bike shop.
  9. nice thread, nice car but ugly price here hahaha btw in US should try the SLS AMG BS more worth it.
  10. nice interest gathering thread.. day or night drive, safety is the biggest concern.. drivers should have enough rest before a long drive.. Agree with Martin, up or down hill in the day is definitely safer. btw i think 12hrs really can hit thailand.. 100km/hr x 12 = 1200km.. usually during long drives, the petrol toilet or meal breaks are short.. to cut down road time and less tiring.
  11. C63

    hahaha why you so smart
  12. From the album C63

    Foggy night
  13. Need to inform change of colour even if its sticker job. OneMotoring login using your singpass and change will do. Nice red btw! CNY ang ang huat huat ah!
  14. guys where is parklane green ah?